About Us

Welcome to Monokron Designs, where we use environment-friendly 3d-printing to create products to better your quality of life! We produce physical therapy tools and semi-hydroponic plant pots. 


Tailored to meet the needs of patients seeking to optimize their range of motion, as well as professionals and hopefuls in fields demanding meticulous manual skill, this tool stands as an invaluable asset.

Discover newfound confidence in your hand movements as you embark on a journey of improvement. Designed to facilitate precision, our enhancement tool empowers you to reach your potential, whether you're aiming to regain dexterity or elevate your skills in specialized disciplines.


Hydroponic planting allows you to create lush, vibrant green spaces without the worry of water stagnation. We ensure a cleaner planting experience by eliminating the need for water-collecting saucers, simplifying maintenance, and adding an eco-friendly touch to your gardening journey.

From transforming your office desk into a refreshing oasis to adorning your living room with a touch of green elegance, our pots are perfect for any space. Ideal for homes, apartments, offices, and compact urban settings, our planters bring nature indoors without sacrificing style or convenience.

Embrace sustainability, nurture your green thumb, and experience the magic of innovative gardening with Monokron Designs. Elevate your surroundings and create a thriving sanctuary wherever you choose to place our thoughtfully designed pots.