Semi Hydroponic Planting

What is Semi Hydroponic Planting?
Semi hydroponic planting is a modern approach that combines the best of traditional soil-based gardening with the controlled nutrient delivery of hydroponics. It involves creating a self-contained ecosystem within our specially designed 3D printed planters, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants' growth.

Benefits of Semi Hydroponic Planting:
Consistent Nutrient Supply: Plants receive a steady stream of nutrients, leading to robust growth and vibrant foliage.
Water Efficiency: The self-watering system reduces water waste and conserves resources.
Easy Maintenance: Enjoy extended intervals between watering, perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners.
Stronger Roots: Improved oxygenation and hydration support healthier root systems.
Versatile Greenery: Whether you're cultivating herbs, succulents, or ornamental plants, semi hydroponic planting caters to a variety of species.

How to do Semi Hydroponic Planting:
Select one of our designer plantersAll of our planters are designed for drainage layer planting. Our reservoir-based designs simplify watering and nutrient delivery.

Select Potting Mix: plants do best when filled with a materials such as perlite, vermiculite, or clay pebbles (LECA).

Planting Your Greens: Gently place your chosen plant into your chosen potting mix, making sure the roots are well-covered. The semi hydroponic system will gradually provide moisture and nutrients.

Water and Nutrient Solution: Fill the integrated reservoir with water, optionally adding a balanced nutrient solution. This ensures your plants have access to the necessary elements for healthy growth.

Watch Your Garden Flourish: Sit back and enjoy the benefits of semi hydroponic planting. The self-regulating system prevents overwatering, promotes strong root development, and fosters lush, thriving plants.

Begin your journey toward a flourishing indoor oasis today with Monokron!